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Not giving up/Fight
No purging this account, please. Sora's a fighter, and I'd like to come back to this boy one day, so don't make this muse whip out his Keyblade!

Muse LJ Entry 02
highly amused/you make me laugh
Dante Sparda is coming back to the Space! I've never forgotten about him, no matter how long it's been. He saved my life once.

In this one crazy and scary scene Marianne wrote, I was trapped in some burning forest. Dante then came out of nowhere and got me out! I've been forever grateful to him since then.

On another note, that one shot should be written soon. I know she's been thinking about that again! Just now, she was...but it's not that I'm getting my hopes up. She's a real busy person and all, and I understand about her wanting to write with the Fantastic Children muses. One of them actually replied to my last entry--his name is Agi. I hope he found his friends okay! Maybe I'll meet his friends sometime.

...This one guy, Dumas? He's not nice to Marianne at all. What's so wrong about her feeling bad for him, and wanting to help him be happy? I'd like to post that to him on his journal, but Marianne says no. I'm not scared of him though! ...I just want to help our writer out. I know she's a sadist, but she can be nice too! She's been kind to me so far. I haven't been put through anything horrible yet. She remembers the promise she made.

Muse LJ Entry 01
Hi there!/See ya!
I might as well make some use out of this, until Marianne (my mun/writer) thinks of a fun prompt for me.

I know she's been thinking about doing a one-shot about flying with Peter Pan, Donald, and Goofy in Neverland! I get to relive that! I hope she hasn't forgotten about that one, because flying is FUN. It's one of the greatest things in the world. I mean, doesn't everybody wish they could fly?

I'll allow her to post that one shot on here too!

My friends Jake and Tobias can also fly. They're kids I share space with who can turn into ANY animal they touch. Riku was friends with him before. ...If only I could get him to come to the Space. They could catch up and everything!

Seeing Jake dive really fast as a falcon is one thing! Watching him turn into one is different! It's...gross. I'm glad I don't have a weak stomach though.

If you don't know who this is, the name's Sora! I've come back as Marianne's muse after a while. It's kinda nice, but--the mun is still mean at times. She can't stop picking on Dean. And he's been avoiding her, which is better than trying to kill her.

She's also been muttering something about "RP Buzz Kill." Uh...I don't know what she means by that, but I've seen her sigh an unhappy sigh once. Train and Ada have been feeling annoyed and left out.

...I feel like cheering my mun up! Maybe I could talk to her about Train and Ada too. It's worth a try!


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